Fast & Friendly Knitting

Knit the September Flower of the Month: Morning Glory

By Ashley Little
Knit Morning Glory PatternKnitted flowers are one of the most versatile knitted objects. They're perfect for using up scrap yarns. You can make them as big or as small as you'd like. They can go from a brooch to an embellishment on a hat, depending on your mood. To bring more attention to these neglected knitting projects, we'll feature a different knitted flower each month here on the Craftsy Blog. This month, we're focusing on September's birth flower: the morning glory. Read more »

8 Ways to Use Your Scrap Yarn

By Ashley Little
Crocheted Bunting FlagsIf your leftover yarns just keep piling up, here are a few ways you can use up your scraps. Not only will it save you a trip to the craft store, but it will also save you a few bucks. Read more »

Ultimate Knitting Stash Busters

By Sarah Johnson
Stash Busting Knitted ProjectLet no yarn be wasted! Even the smallest leftover balls of yarn can have some purpose. Whether you’re knitting tiny, multi-colored ornaments, making up extra I-cord as a finishing detail for other craft projects, or using your scraps as stuffing in a teddy bear, there are always ways you can use up those last little remnants of yarn. Read more »

One-Day Knitting Projects

By Ashley Little
One Day Knitting ProjectsSometimes you want instant gratification from a knitting project -- and sometimes you wait until the last minute to start knitting a gift for a friend or family member and need it finished ASAP. (Oops!) Knitting a project in one day isn’t impossible, as long as you’re not trying to knit up an entire sweater or other large item. Try these one-day projects and you’ll be finished before bedtime. Read more »

Fast Knitting Patterns

By Ashley Little
In the mood for a quick knit? Here’s what to look for in a pattern to guarantee instant gratification. Plus, a few ideas for projects you can whip up whenever you find the time. Read more »