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with Kellie Nuss
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Yarn Substitution Made Easy

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Why go out and buy the yarn in the pattern when you can plug in yarn choices from your stash without any fuss? Join expert knitting instructor Kellie Nuss and learn essential skills you can use for all your yarn substitutions. You'll discover what to look for in a yarn besides gauge and how each of these factors affects your final results. Kellie will walk you through yarn weights, how they relate and how to determine the yardage you need when it isn't already given. Wondering about pattern adjustments? You'll find out when to make them, when to rewrite the pattern and how to do both, so you can easily plug in new gauges and fibers. Plus, you'll receive an exciting cowl pattern for the perfect post-class practice project!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h28m

Included in this Class

1. Yarn Substitution Basics

1. Yarn Substitution Basics

Meet Kellie Nuss, your guide to the technicalities of substituting yarn! You'll learn about the pros and cons of yarn substitution and review all the considerations you might never have thought of when swapping yarns.

2. Understanding & Evaluating Patterns

2. Understanding & Evaluating Patterns

Reading patterns closely is an important part of finishing a project you'll love. Follow Kellie's guide to deciphering data within a pattern and learn how to evaluate and prioritize different pattern designs to finish with a look you'll adore.

3. Evaluating Yarns for Mood

3. Evaluating Yarns for Mood

Learn how various textures of yarn influence the final look of your project. Then, explore the yarn classification chart and how minor differences in yarn types and weight can result in major differences in the end. Finally, discover the importance of the small differences in your yarn's fiber content.

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