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Techniques for Exciting Colorwork

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In need of new tricks like slip-stitch knitting with color? Round out your colorwork skills by learning a unique assortment of knitting techniques from knitwear designer Faina Goberstein. You'll begin by reviewing essential tips for working with multiple yarn colors before diving into a variety of sensational stripe patterns. Move on to more complex designs as you turn horizontal stripes into eye-catching plaids using the duplicate stitch and crochet-stitch methods. Love the look of bright motifs? Faina will help you add bold accents to any project with stunning inlay knitting. Next, you'll discover how to spice up simple textures with techniques for two-color cables and beautiful slip-stitch knitting to work both fancy and woven patterns! You'll finish class with the beautiful twined knitting style, as Faina shows you how to start two-color cast-ons and work a classic twined pattern.


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  • 2h29m

Included in this Class

1. Foundations & Stripes

1. Foundations & Stripes

Meet Faina Goberstein and start adding color to any project or pattern. You'll begin with a review of essential colorwork techniques and look at some not-so-simple stripes, including designs that form chevron patterns.

2. Plaids With Applied Techniques

2. Plaids With Applied Techniques

Discover two ways to use applied techniques to turn simple horizontal knitted stripes into gorgeous plaids. You'll learn how to work the duplicate stitch and crochet-stitch method.

3. Inlay Knitting (Roositud)

3. Inlay Knitting (Roositud)

Roositud, or inlay knitting, is a fun, easy way for beginners to add a lot of color to knitting with individual motifs. You'll discover how to incorporate this technique into any knitting project, for a pop of color that captivates.