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with Chris Bylsma
Online Class

Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More

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Pick up and knit stitches without anxiety! Join popular instructor and designer Chris Bylsma as she teaches you the many ways you can use this versatile technique to add greater style and functionality to your projects. During class, you'll learn to work horizontally or vertically along a straight edge, pick up for new stitches along a curved edge and handle both types of edges at once. Along the way, you'll discover how to easily expand upon and add necklines, shirttail edges and hems. Plus, Chris will teach you how to create a variety of primary and applied edgings, add structure to your projects "behind the scenes" and more.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h46m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started Picking Up Stitches

1. Getting Started Picking Up Stitches

In your first lesson, Chris walks through many benefits of picking up stitches with care. You'll learn the differences between edgings and facings and get some practice by making the swatches used for other lessons.

2. Picking Up Straight Edges

2. Picking Up Straight Edges

It's time to pick up the pace! Start this lesson off with techniques for picking up along straight edges as Chris demonstrates techniques for both vertical and horizontal edging, handy skills for working along the sides and bottom of your project. Chris' fun "never skipping a martini" trick will help you pick up perfectly every time!

3. Picking Up Around a Neckline

3. Picking Up Around a Neckline

After learning linear pick up skills, try your hand at picking up around curves, specifically necklines. Follow along with Chris as she demystifies crew necks, V-necks and cardigan necklines to make them a breeze!