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with Anna Dalvi
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My First Lace Shawl

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Even if you're a beginner, you can learn how to knit a shawl featuring lovely lace. Join instructor Anna Dalvi in her online Craftsy class to knit the ethereal Waterspout shawl and conquer lace knitting techniques along the way! During class, Anna will give you an important array of skills and options so you can choose which are handiest for you. Follow Anna's guidance to manage the garter-tab cast-on without fear and learn her fuss-free alternative to get comfortable working increases to create the triangular shape of your shawl. Then, knit your lace and see how easy it can be to read charts, use lifelines and fix any mistakes without having to rip out your whole shawl! Anna will conclude with insider techniques for dealing with ends and finishing your fabric to perfection with your best blocking. When class is over, not only will you have an amazing shawl, you'll also have the skills you need to create lace you'll love, every time!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h56m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Gauge Swatching

1. Introduction & Gauge Swatching

Meet lace shawl designer Anna Dalvi and learn more about the beautiful Waterspout shawl you'll be making. Then dive right into building your chart-reading skills as you knit a swatch that includes lace patterning. Gauge is not so important with a shawl project, but the swatch will help you judge the weight and drape of the fabric, whether you knit with fingering yarn or even a worsted.

2. Casting On & Establishing Pattern

2. Casting On & Establishing Pattern

See how to cast on for your shawl with the traditional garter tab cast-on or Anna's less-fussy alternative. Both methods start with just a few stitches at the center top of the shawl. From there, you'll begin working out and down, establishing the pattern of stitches with Anna's guidance.

3. Beginning the Lace Pattern

3. Beginning the Lace Pattern

Your shawl starts with stockinette stitches surrounding a center lace panel, then moves into full-on lace. With Anna's patient instruction, you'll see how to follow the lace pattern on a chart, knitting the increases, decreases, yarn overs and more. Anna also explains how to add new yarn at the edge of your shawl or with a Russian join in the middle.