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with Melissa Leapman
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Mastering Stitchwork: Reversible Stitch Patterns

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Why limit beautiful stitch patterns to a single side of your project when you could create a breathtaking look and feel on both? Join expert Melissa Leapman and learn reversible knitting stitches that create a variety of popular stitch patterns. Melissa will begin by teaching you simple knit-and-purl stitch patterns before moving on to demonstrate dazzling double-sided lace step by step. Then, bring textural intrigue to both sides of your knits as you conquer reversible cables — Melissa's favorite. Wondering how to capture colorwork on both sides? You'll find out how to create reversible colorwork such as double knitting, and Melissa will even end class by showing you how to design unique patterns you'll be proud to say you dreamed up on your own.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h17m

Included in this Class

1. Knitting Charts 101

1. Knitting Charts 101

Meet knitting designer Melissa Leapman and dive right into learning about navigating stitch charts, understanding stitch repeats and exploring knitting symbols. These are the tools you'll use to master reversible stitch patterns!

2. Simple Reversible Textures

2. Simple Reversible Textures

Begin your reversible-stitch adventure by studying some simple knit-and-purl patterns that are beautiful on both sides. With Melissa's guidance, practice knitting a faux-cable swatch and learn a great trick for keeping your stitches tidy.

3. Reversible Lace

3. Reversible Lace

Move beyond knit and purl to explore openwork and lace stitch patterns. Try a one-row reversible stitch pattern such as herringbone lace and purse stitch, then move on to a two-faced openwork stitch pattern that looks different on each side. Practice with Melissa's lovely Marcella stitch pattern.