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Master Portuguese Knitting: Advanced Techniques in the Portuguese Style

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As a follow up to her class "Knit Faster with Portuguese Knitting," stitch pioneer Andrea Wong is back again with more advanced techniques. In this mini-class, follow along with Andrea as she shares methods that come straight from the questions you asked in her previous Portuguese knitting class. Master skills such as working double yarn overs, triple decreases and short rows. Plus, learn how to use traditional hooked knitting needles and perfect your tension for more even knitting. With Andrea’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll be able to work standard patterns in the Portuguese style and apply it to any project in no time. Kiss your old method of knitting goodbye!


  • advanced
  • 4 episodes
  • 49m

Included in this Class

1. Overview of Portuguese Knitting

1. Overview of Portuguese Knitting

Ready to improve your Portuguese knitting skills? Meet Andrea Wong and get started by mastering your tension, then explore how to use traditional hooked needles, and learn new ways to start and finish your projects.

2. Shaping

2. Shaping

Everything you can do in other styles of knitting, you can do in Portuguese knitting, too! Let Andrea show you how to work double yarn overs, triple decreases, and short rows so you can shape your projects like a pro.

3. Stitch Patterns

3. Stitch Patterns

Add some texture to your work with interesting stitch patterns. Learn how to work the herringbone, linen, and daisy stitches, both flat and in the round.