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with Andrea Wong
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Knit Faster With Portuguese Knitting

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Class Overview

Faster, more comfortable knitting doesn't mean sacrificing quality! Join Portuguese-knitting guru Andrea Wong and conquer an exciting style that leaves both of your hands free for your needles. It's perfect for both righties and lefties! First, you'll learn how to wrap your yarn around your neck or run it through a special knitting pin attached near your collar. Then, Andrea will teach you to maintain even tension as you knit; it's the key to comfortable knitting. When you move on, you'll see how to use this style for fast, clean purling, ribbing, cast-ons and bind-offs. Plus, you'll even discover how Portuguese knitting can help you work more efficient increases, decreases, lace, colorwork, cables and more!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h41m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction to Portuguese Knitting

1. Introduction to Portuguese Knitting

Meet Andrea Wong, who has taken a centuries-old knitting style and given it a name -- Portuguese knitting -- and a broader following through her teaching and writing. Learn about this style's journey from Old World to New, and discover its benefits compared with the English and Continental styles.

2. Controlling Your Knitting

2. Controlling Your Knitting

Even tension is key in Portuguese knitting. Learn how to maintain it with Andrea's guidance, whether you wrap the yarn around your neck or thread it through a special pin or clip on your shoulder. In Portugal, a knitting pin is a meaningful gift and is believed to bring luck to the knitter!

3. Fundamental Techniques for Efficient Knitting

3. Fundamental Techniques for Efficient Knitting

Wrap your head around a new way to knit. In Portuguese knitting, a simple flick of the thumb helps make each stitch. Portuguese purling is even easier. You'll love how fuss-free ribbing becomes, not to mention casting on (it puts the bumps where they belong!) and binding off (so elastic!).