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Heirloom Lace Edgings

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Whether you’d like to embellish a simple project such as a baby bonnet or tackle an elaborate lace shawl, Franklin Habit makes it doable, not daunting. You’ll learn how lace edgings have been used in the past and how to create your own modern-day heirlooms. Find out how to sew on an edging that you can remove – perfect for embellishing items that wear out – or how to knit edgings on permanently. You’ll even learn how to knit an edging simultaneously with the center of a shawl and practice with a project you can complete in less than an hour. New to lace or a long-time needle-crafter, you're sure to enjoy knitting along with Franklin as he shares his wit and wisdom.


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Included in this Class

1. A Brief History of Lace Edgings

1. A Brief History of Lace Edgings

Meet your instructor, Franklin Habit, and jump right into the fascinating history of lace edgings, including early illustrated patterns, uses for lace edgings and the practice of knitting and collecting lace edgings. You'll also learn about the gauges and yarns used in edgings.

2. Uses for Lace Edgings

2. Uses for Lace Edgings

When should you add lace edging to a project or purchased item? Franklin goes over a variety of ways you can use them.

3. Anatomy of Lace Edgings

3. Anatomy of Lace Edgings

Franklin explains how lace edgings work and shows you how to read a lace-edging chart. You'll also learn about selvage stitches and get a homework assignment to practice!