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Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence

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Don't let steeking anxiety hold you back from knitting colorwork in the round! Join designer Beth Whiteside and learn how to strand and steek successfully without fuss or anxiety. During class, you'll conquer new stranded knitting techniques by practicing on a unique tablet case and a fun cozy ; they'’re perfect for building your skills without the commitment of a large project! Along the way, you'll discover multiple methods for working with two colors and how to keep your yarn from tangling, your stitches even and your floats tidy. When you move on, Beth will break down colorwork charts to show you how they can speed things up, and introduce you to new styles of stranding. Plus, you'll discover three foolproof methods for clean, confident steeking, as she lays them all out step by step!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h50m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

Meet knitting expert Beth Whiteside and learn about the beauty of stranded knitting and the joy of steeking. Begin your stranding adventure by casting on with two colors and knitting herringbone braid that will form the opening of a cute tablet case.

2. Mechanics of Stranded Colorwork

2. Mechanics of Stranded Colorwork

Beth shares the skills you'll need to to knit with two colors, keeping your yarns untangled, your stitches even and the floats on the back of your work tidy. You'll even learn how to weave in ends as you knit, a real timesaver when you're finishing your project!

3. Options for Holding Yarn

3. Options for Holding Yarn

When knitting with two colors, you can hold one color in each hand or both colors in your left or right hand. Whichever way is most comfortable for you! Beth encourages you to experiment with different methods or try a knitting thimble to keep your strands in order and your tension consistent.