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with Melissa Leapman
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Colorwork Made Easy

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Build a versatile toolkit of colorwork skills and styles! Join popular Craftsy instructor Melissa Leapman, and get set up for colorwork success by working step by step through essential techniques. During class, you'll start with simple stripes as Melissa gives you helpful tips for managing yarn and minimizing yarn tails. Then, she'll guide you through reading charts by breaking down symbols and repeats row by row. When you move on, you'll learn steps for slip-stitch colorwork such as mosaic knitting and how to knit cables on a colorwork background. Ever wondered how to knit intarsia? Melissa will introduce you to this gorgeous style before teaching you Fair Isle knitting and two-color cabling. Plus, you'll even get a great hat pattern from Melissa that's perfect for practicing your new skills!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h52m

Included in this Class

1. Simple Striped Colorwork

1. Simple Striped Colorwork

Meet designer Melissa Leapman and dive into colorwork with simple stripes. Melissa shows how to start new colors and carry up the yarn to minimize tails. With Melissa's tips, the yarn you need is always on the correct side, and stripes in the round look even. Finally, learn a fun effect: ruching.

2. Deciphering Colorwork Charts

2. Deciphering Colorwork Charts

Colorwork charts show what your knitting will look like, providing an at-a-glance roadmap for your stitches. Melissa walks you through chart-reading basics, row by row, explaining stitch repeats and symbols. She also shares tips for keeping track of where you are.

3. Colorwork With Slip Stitch

3. Colorwork With Slip Stitch

Create fascinating color patterns and texture simply by slipping some stitches rather than knitting them. Practice with Melissa's windowpane pattern, then master more ornate mosaic knitting. Try linen stitch and an embossed pattern by putting yarn floats on the right side of your knitting.

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