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with Anne Hanson
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Button Bands & Buttonholes

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Writer and designer Anne Hanson will give you the “hole” truth as she teaches you everything you need to know about this finishing technique in Button Bands and Buttonholes. Learn to create smooth edges from which to knit your button bands. Calculate the perfect ratio, based on your design and gauge, to pick up across rows, stitches or even on the diagonal. Learn techniques for precise bind-offs and perfectly spaced button placement. Anne shares her deep knowledge and passion for choosing the right button for each garment. She will keep you from hitting the panic button as she troubleshoots common problems that may crop up. Create eyelets, two-row and one-row buttonholes — and learn which to use for your garment and button. Finally, learn to knit incorporated buttonholes and button bands right into the fabric of a sweater.

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What You'll Learn

* How to establish smooth edges to facilitate pickup when creating your button band

* How to calculate the pickup ratio for your bands, based on the design and your gauge

* How to pick up the stitches on which you’ll create your button band

* How to finish off your button bands — binding off, troubleshooting and proper steaming

* The importance of correct button selection, for form and function

* How to space and sew on buttons

* Techniques for creating buttonholes in a variety of styles — eyelet, two-row and one-row buttonholes

* How to incorporate button bands and buttonholes seamlessly into fabric

What You'll Make

* Beautiful button bands and buttonholes, which are sure to put a flawless finish on your hand-knit garments.


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 2h31m

Included in this Class

1. Planning & Preparation

1. Planning & Preparation

Get started creating button bands! Prepare and plan how you'd like to use your buttons!

2. Calculating the Pickup Ratio

2. Calculating the Pickup Ratio

Learn how to pick up stitches and calculate the pickup ratio you need to create even, extraordinary button bands!

3. Working with Different Edges

3. Working with Different Edges

Learn how to create different types of edges for a variety of looks.

Recommended with this class

  • Scrap yarn and appropriate needles (about 50 yards) for practice swatches
  • Buttons (any variety)