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Yarnover Truck: A Local Yarn Store on Wheels

Imagine this, all you die hard fans of knitting and crochet out there. You’re sitting in traffic after a horrible day when you spot a blue truck. Is that a ball of yarn you see on the side of that truck? With knitting needles and a crochet hook? No, couldn’t be. Your eyes must be deceiving you!

Well, actually it could be, if you live in Southern California.

The Yarnover Truck has been making its way around Southern California, brightening the days of yarn lovers in its path. You might see the truck at a farmers’ market, in the park, or just hanging out in a random spot. And if you vote for the Yarnover Truck in the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest, you might even see it on a Super Bowl commercial!

The Big Blue Yarnover Truck
Photo via the Yarnover Truck

About the Yarnover Truck

No doubt you’ve noticed the recent explosion of food trucks. The Yarnover Truck takes the food truck trend and turns it into a local yarn store on wheels. The truck was born in July 2012. It’s the brainchild of Maridee and Barbra, who met at — you guessed it — a knitting group. The truck travels to street fairs, craft fairs, music festivals, farmers’ markets, and any other event where yarn lovers might need them.

The Yarnover Truck doesn’t just sell yarn. Maridee and Barbra also want to educate customers in the needle arts. The truck hosts private parties that range from project-based (like knitting cowls, blankets and baby items) to shopping parties, where the truck comes to you and at least 15 yarn-lovin’ friends.

The truck carries everything you’d find in your local yarn store, including yarn, patterns, needles and anything else you might need to complete your project. You can see a complete list of products on Yarnover Truck’s web site. You’ll recognize a few familiar faces from Bluprint on the list of designers, like abigailology, Cooperative Press, Kira K Designs, The Sexy Knitter, Stitch Diva Studios, Sunset Cat, Tabetha Hedrick and more.

Shelves of Yarn and Knit Scarves Inside the Yarnover Truck
Photo via the Yarnover Truck

Vote for Yarnover Truck

If you can’t shop the Yarnover Truck, you can still help out this small business by voting for them in the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest. Intuit is sponsoring this contest for small businesses to have a chance to appear in their very own Super Bowl commercial.

If you’ve ever watched Super Bowl commercials, you know that they’re dominated by big corporations. The high price to air a commercial during the game means most small businesses will never have a chance to be seen by such a large audience. This contest will choose one small business owner who will win their very own spot during the Super Bowl.

Small businesses are currently submitting their stories to enter, and the Yarnover Truck’s story is already up and ready for votes. The winner of the contest is determined by the highest number of votes, so it’s important that you vote for the Yarnover Truck to help them win. Voting ends September 22nd. You can vote once a day.

If you live in Southern California, be sure to keep an eye out for the Yarnover Truck!

Come back to the Bluprint Blog tomorrow to watch the latest edition of our YouTube series 1 Hour Project. This week, Stefanie Japel demonstrates how to work up a pretty lace headband.

Have you ever spotted the Yarnover Truck or another craft store on wheels? Tell us about it!



Love, love, and love this idea. I live in rural Vermont and this reminds me of the book mobiles that traveled around to the schools. And now they travel to daycares. I wish I could have one of these knitting trucks. Wanna branch out to Vermont!?

Yarnover Truck

Thank you so much! We are hoping to franchise someday and getting this Commercial would be a huge help in making that happen 😉

Sidra Goldsmit

I just voted & posted it on FB. Hope that helps. I live in No CA, usually get to San Diego couple times a year, so probably won’t see them. But I’ll keep voting for you. Good luck!

Yarnover Truck

Thank you so much for sharing! We are working on getting space at Stitches West in Feb… it looks like we will be able to bring the Truck on the show floor!!!! Also we want Nor Cal to be the location of our 2nd truck and getting this commercial would help that happen a lot faster 🙂


I’m lucky enough to live in their service area (well, in San Diego which is at the edges) and LOVE these folks. They stock wonderful yarns and really support local fiber folks.


What a great innovation for Los Angeles…

Yarnover Truck

Thank you so much Kat! We love hearing from our customers…. you totally made my day 🙂 Thank you!!!!

Rosie Bryant

Looking for fingerings baby yarn


Wow this is a kool idea love it wish we had one….

Mary Doty

I love the idea!!! I live in Minnesota…love knitting and crocheting and sharing ideas.
This is right up my alley…I will vote for you…and would like to know more about your business. Awesome Idea!!!!
Go Girls..GO!!!


My knitting friends and I love this!?, if you do franchise, let us know. We would be interested in doing this in the future! (if we haven’t already opened our own store by then). There are three of us that meet weekly . One is retired, and I am working for a dr. Who will be retiring in the next 5 to 10 years. We need a store. The closest one is 2 hours away! We’re gonna do something in the future with a nice yarn store. 🙂

patricia hill

January 2018…..just read this article. what an amazing idea.I hope it is still going. has it spread to other towns. I live in the uk and I man older lady, but if i was younger, I would love do this…….it must satisfy a great love for yarn.
Did you get the super bowl advertising???
can someone update????


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