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#SweaterTogether: The Fun & Fear of Getting Starting

The beginning of every new project is filled with emotions — both good (the excitement!) and bad (the fear of messing up). That couldn’t be more true as we start our Tealeaf Sweater Knit-Along.

While we swatched, the knitters at Craftsy shared what we’re most excited about — and what’s keeping us up at night.

Lindsey Buxton Knitting

Lindsey, our marketing manager

For Lindsey, a newer knitter, it’s the finished project that’s keeping her motivated. “I can’t wait to have a finished sweater that I can (hopefully) proudly wear,” she says. “But as a beginner, I’m nervous about making mistakes and having to start, rip out, restart throughout the project.”

Stephanie White Swatches

Stephanie, who develops our knitting classes

Seaming is Stephanie’s knitting nemesis. In fact, for 10 to 15 years, Stephanie had her mom seam together all her sweaters! Luckily, the Tealeaf Sweater requires very little seaming — and she knows the community of knitters making the sweater can help her along the way. “It’s only within the last few years that I’ve really felt the full reach of the supportive, wonderful knitting community that social media has made possible,” she says.

Chelsea Sherman knitting

Chelsea, our photographer

Chelsea is working toward a fully handmade, sustainable wardrobe, and she’s looking forward to adding the Tealeaf Sweater to her closet (though it’s the largest garment she will have made!). But for her, there’s a story in the sweater, too: “It will remind me of all the awesome people I get to knit with!” Chelsea says.

Stephanie Lillo

Stephanie, who creates our emails

The best word to describe tephanie is ambitious! Even though she only started knitting a few months ago, she’s excited to give this sweater a try — even if it means learning to read patterns and tackling new stitches — with plenty of help from her coworkers.

Sweater Together at craftsy

Let’s #SweaterTogether

Find out what our Tealeaf Sweater Knit-Along is all about. We hope you can join us!Check It Out


Marcia Clark

I bought the Tealeaf sweater class in hopes to make a sweater for Christmas. I started it and had the pocket liner but ripped it out. I may have gotten in over my head. Im glad that I have the class and will start on the sweater again today but there are no knitting shops in my area and the only help that is available is via the internet. It’s a little intimidating.

Kristin Doherty

Hi Marcia,
We’re all here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask questions in the class. If it’s the lace that’s holding you back, you can just skip it and stitch that section in stockinette instead.


I’ve started the class and actually started the body of the sweater. I’m a seasoned knitter and I can’t get the lace count correct. I wish the class had showed in detail and explained in detail how to do the count of the first two rows.

Kristin Doherty

Hi Janie! I had a lot of trouble too, until I realized I was leaving out the four stitches before and after the six-stitch lace repeat. If you’re off 8 stitches, that’s probably what’s going on!

Joan Dickerson

I was totally intimidated by the lace pocket, a simple little 32 stitches, I cast on and ripped at least 10 times. I received encouragement from our leader and then, a video appeared with row by row I got it! Thank you so much! This is a challenge I totally accept and with patience and courage I’ll start the body of this lovely sweater! And… I’ve got those yarn overs working for me now! 🙂

Karen Boucher

Where can I find the row by row video?
Thank you in advance


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