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Knitwear Trend! Ruanas Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Here at Craftsy, we like to keep our eye out for new, inspiring knitting trends so we can change up what’s on our needles. This year, ruana patterns are one of the trends that we’re excited to try.

Ruana Knitting Pattern

So, what exactly is a ruana?

Don’t worry — we weren’t quite sure at first, either. A ruana is an oversized wrap that’s like a long scarf or blanket.

These accessories are fast and easy to knit (even for newer knitters), since there’s no shaping involved. Experienced knitters can check out ruana patterns with a bit more texture, like cables. 

How to wear a ruana

The ruana appears shapeless at first, but there are lots of styling options. You can wear a ruana open in the front without any kind of wrapping or folding, of course. You can also drape one or both ends around your shoulders. If you find that the ends keep falling off your shoulders, you can even secure the ends with a brooch or shawl pin. 

Another option is to belt the ruana for a neat, cinched look. The belted option works especially well if you’re wearing something fuller on the bottom, like a flowing skirt. We love the idea of pairing a ruana over jeans and boots, too. You can even wear a ruana for a special occasion if you choose a more delicate yarn.

Like most wraps, you just have to play around with your ruana and see what works best for your body type. 

Ruana patterns to stitch up this season.

Ruanas work with a variety of different yarn weights, as you’ll see from these Craftsy designers’ beautiful patterns.

Cloaked in Clouds Poncho Knitting Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Alexandra Tavel

1. Cloaked in Clouds Poncho

A textured thermal stitch and ribbed collar make this a warm, snuggle-worthy ruana. The pattern is worked up in a bulky-weight yarn, so it’s great for a weekend knit. If you’re also a crocheter, you can also check out Alexandra’s Blanket Ruana.

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Knit Ruana Knitting Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Annie Dempsey

2. Knit Ruana

Choose from three different yarn weights to stitch this ruana: worsted, bulky or super-bulky. The weight you use depends on your desired finished size, plus the drape you want. A pretty eyelet border along the edges makes this ruana a bit more elegant.

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Ijeoma Ruana Wrap Knitting Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Yummytripletmum

3. Ijeoma Ruana Wrap

If you’re a fan of working from charts, you’ll love this pattern. The instructions include three different charts, and you’ll be working from two charts simultaneously at some point. It’s definitely a great way to practice those chart-reading skills!

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Graduated Chevron Ruana Knitting Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Iris Shreir

4. Graduated Chevron Ruana

This design is ready to be paired with that special light-weight yarn you’ve been holding onto for so long. Three different colors blend to create a beautiful palette that will make you want to work up three or four different versions of this.

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OA Pea

I would love to knit the blue cropped 3/4 sleeved jacket the model is wearing with the green shorts. I have to ask is the yarn ok for sensitive skin. If not, I for one could make a lining in softest cotton.
A potential trend-setter:
The cardigan has a lot of potential but I do not have time to search at my time of life. This could be a trend-setter.

Anonymous please OAP

ps I cannot abide those silly pictures which I cannot see clearly. One silly set of images asked for images of vehicles no-one outside of the USA would instantly recognise, and besides I am an older knitter with glasses and no, I cannot change anything on my old computer.

OA Pea

PLEASE can one of your designers design a simple cross between a capelet and cardigan as I saw a beautiful combination of both yesterday. I assume it was not hand-made. Imagine a capelet in bulky yarn (quick to knit and less painful for fragile hands), with the front like a cardigan almost reaching the waist, with 3 – 4 large buttons to keep everything in proportion. The armholes or eyeslots will be large but also elegant and very “forgiving” for most body types. I suggest separate pieces for starters as it is also easy to knit a strip or band if the item is not quite the right size. The sides seam were short (circa 5″ on a petite) so one has to wear a top underneath and ease of movement. The wide of sleeves could be amended to fit as some people have stronger arms than others and petites require less bulk on the sleeves if wearing the item under a coat.
No copyright – name – capigan or cardicape (I quite like) or whatever – ponchigan may be already in use – over to you. The items illustrated appear too big for my build so a more compact, less “fluid”, version would be more practical and take less time. My intention is to promote traditional skills which are no longer taught in schools. We have to consider the next generation in addition to reading about remedies long-term strain , and I am maintaining examples of my work and research.


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