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Introducing Our New Favorite Knitters (and Show!)

Meet Jodi and Tracie, a.k.a the “Grocery Girls.” When they’re not working at the family grocery store, you can find them knitting… or talking about knitting. And now, you can find them on YouTube, serving up non-stop laughs and new-found knitspiration every week!

Jodie & Tracie, hosts of Off Our Needles YouTube Series

It’s all part of Off Our Needles — a hilarious series where the girls dive into the knitty, and embrace the nutty that comes with it. Because let’s face it, we knitters have our quirks!

From fresh projects ideas to side-splitting stories, there’s no telling where they’ll go next. But one thing’s for sure…

They’re perfectly loopy.

Meet the Girls

Ready to Cast-On With the Girls?

Click below to watch the first episode on YouTube (and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single stitch!).

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Rebecca Johnson

I watched it. I loved them. They are very enabling. They make you want to knit 24/ 7. I cannot wait until the next episode. Thanks for a great segment on knitting.


Watched the first episode and just love it. Fun, fun, fun.

Valerie Busher

Loved this. Sat with a cup of tea totally entranced. Thank you for a wonderful break from the humdrum of home life.

Nancy Noel

Luv luv luv this!

Claudia D Brown

Great fun! Can’t wait to see more.


Lovely Grocery Girls! Your show is seriously (!), definite, feel good stuff! Makes me feel happy to be alive and to be part of the creative-enthusiastic-human race!


Looking forward to my Fridays just see what the girls have in store.


Please label each segment with both a date and a number. I have missed a couple and am not sure what order they are in and I really want to watch in the order they are produced. BTW – I love – LOVE – the Grocery Girls, both podcast and Craftsy. 🙂

Cindy Bills

I just watched the third installment of the grocery girls and I LOVE it! Jodi and Tracie are so fun and relatable! I’ve learned a lot and explored several of the classes and products as a result of their shows. I love taking Craftsy classes, but Jodi and Tracie just add a personal interactive touch to Craftsy that I think is fabulous. It makes me want to come to Craftsy like going to my local knitting group, to feel a part of the group and to share.
Thanks, Craftsy, and thanks grocery girls for doing this! I know it’s a lot of work to put it all together. Just want you to know you are appreciated!

Jan Mumma

LOVE the Grocery Girls. Can’t wait for each episode. They make it so personable and fun. The close-ups of the techniques are great. Thanks to Craftsy for producing this. Keep it coming.


Love it!!!

Susan Roberts

I love watching you girls. You couldn’t be more like my own Sista’s , so watching you is like a visit home. Thank you! ??


68 Episodes later I am still watching. I’ve also joined their group on Ravelry for even more knitting advice and great giveaways.


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