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Give Your Needles a Break! Try Knitting with a Round Loom

If you’ve ever browsed the needlecraft aisle of your local craft store, you’ve probably run across round knitting looms. Their bright colors make them easy to spot, especially when they’re grouped together as a set.

Knitting looms are a great alternative to knitting — and they have far more advantages than I ever realized. After writing about knitting boards here on Craftsy, I learned that a lot of knitters who suffer from arthritis use looms when they can’t physically hold knitting needles. The same advantage applies to round looms. Whether you just don’t have needle skills yet or can’t physically use needles, round looms are a great alternative.

Colorful Round Plastic Loom and Knitting Needles
Photo via Darice

Round looms are a little more versatile than rectangular looms because you can knit in a circle or knit flat panels. The idea is simple: wrap yarn around the pegs, then use the hook to pull the bottom loop of yarn over the top loop. It’s just like knitting, except that the loom is holding all the stitches for you instead of your needles.

These round looms from Darice come in four sizes so that you can knit different sizes of tubes. Smaller looms are great for baby hats, socks, fingerless gloves, and other narrow patterns. Larger looms are perfect for adult-sized hats, cowls, and patterns that require a larger circumference. If you’re following a round loom knitting pattern, the pattern will usually specify how many pegs your loom should have to complete the project.

Round loom knitting patterns

Want some guidance when experimenting with your round loom? Try these patterns.

Blonde Smiling Woman Wearing Colorful Knit Scarf
Photo via Simplicity

Loom Knit Ruffle Scarf

Learn how to make a pretty scarf on a Boye® round loom, or get super ambitious and try the long loom or 8-peg jumbo spool knitter versions, too. I like this scarf because you can make it one solid color or go nuts and incorporate as many colors as you’d like. Get the pattern.
Grey Mobius Shawl Wrapped Around Mannequin
Photo via Craftsy member LuxuryLooms4you

Mobius Shawl

Craftsy member LuxuryLooms4U altered an Ann Bipes pattern to create this circular shawl. And like LuxuryLooms4U writes in the description, this pattern is very versatile. You can use different yarn weights, add ribbon into the mix, and try different lengths. The great thing is that it’s a mobius shape, so it won’t slip so easily from your shoulders. Get more information on the Mobius Shawl.
Back View of Grey Slouch Hat
Photos via Ava Girl Designs

Women’s Slouch Hat

Hats are one of the most popular accessories to knit on a round loom. This hat uses a 36-peg round loom for a cool slouchy effect. Add ribbing at the bottom for some nice elasticity and it’s ready to wear. Get the pattern.
Brown-Toned Cowl Wrapped Around Mannequin
Photo via Craftsy member Crystaldesign

Loom Knit Cowl

This cowl can completely change depending on what type of yarn you use. Go warm and snuggly with a thick wool, or go light and fluffy with some mohair.

If the round loom isn’t your thing, become a well-rounded, hand-knitting pro in circular knitting when you take Stefanie Japel’s Hats Four Ways: Circular Knit Lab.

Tomorrow on the Craftsy Blog, we’ll be decoding the different types of knit stitches. See you then!

Have you ever traded your knitting needles for a round knitting loom? What did you make?


Sue Huckstepp

This brings back fond memories of being a child, when we used to have a wooden cotton reel with 4 small nails tapped into the top. We used to call this French knitting, but the concept was the same, although our results were a lot smaller. We used to make drinks coasters from the resulting tube.


I lived in Czechoslovakia till 1968. We used to use the cotton reel too, I I don’t think we called it French knitting, but we spent many hours doing it. In those days we had to use all sorts of materials and now it is all a brightly coloured product that one can buy in a shop….. we also used empty toothpaste or hand cream etc tubes ( they were made from a thicker plastic) and we cut them across into strips and then made them into chains and wore them as bracelets…..happy childhood days


I have been using the round looms for a number of years now. With left over yarn I make about 100 toques (hats) a year for the homeless. I use two strand of yarn and it’s a great way to use odds and ends. Fast and easy also


Eileen this sounds like fun. I’m a 79 year old women who loves knitting and don’t want to give it up but for a change I would like to learn this hobby. Are there pattern online by any chance? I am handicapped and so have time to learn.
Thanks for sharing. I will do a “Search” online and see where I can get them, Thank you Dorothy


i love looming

need more loom knitting patterns , books, ebooks , dvd’s ect and more websites too.

i love the course im doing on line


Which course on line are you people taking? I am looking for an on line course that explains how to do things rather than just states to do them! I need to learn how! Like using waste yarn removing and then reattaching projects to a loom in a different way. I thank any one for suggestions.

lise walls

jaimerait avoir beaucoup idee de faire avec les rond

lise walls

jaimerait il a beaucoup de chose affaire avec je le sait pas aider moi svp

Luz ortiz

me gustaria aprender medias de jovenes. muy Buenos.


Thanks for this. I have brought the looms, but thought I was doing something wrong, so I have not tried it anymore, but after seeing this I am going to pick it up again


I love my loom. It has opened my eyes to a new need. I make hats and scarfs for the homeless. I have made over two hundred and fifty hats and scarfs. My only problem is I can not get enough yarn donations. I love to help people in need.

Ellen Nix

I need to know how to take my project off the loom.


for all though asking for courses or help using the looms, or Ellen, to get y our project off the loom, search youtube, there are tons of videos there on loom knitting, from casting on to binding off. One of the best channels to learn loom knitting is by Goodnightkisses but there are many more as well.


I just bought a loom kit and the round has 56 pegs but only 22 inches. If I make a standard hat pattern that usually calls for 40 ish pegs will it be ok still?


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