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16 Things That Terrify Knitters

It’s already a spooky time of year, but for us knitters, this time of year can be extra spooky since we’re planning our holiday knitting! We knitters can also be pretty scary when it comes to things like yarn sales, lace mistakes and accidental felting.

To get you in the mood for the creepiest season of all — and to hopefully reduce the stress of the beginning of the holiday knitting season — we present a list of knitters’ top fears. Prepare to be freaked out!

Frogging Teal Yarn

1. Ripping back to correct a mistake

Who knows what could happen once we release those stitches? When the supernatural is involved, it’s possible the entire project could just disintegrate before our eyes.

Psst! Find out how to frog your work safely.

2. Getting a bad fit in a sweater

You were excited about knitting that sweater, but you were also a little scared. Would your head fit through the neck? Will your arms somehow extend overnight, making the sleeves too short? Scary things can happen when you don’t measure, plan or get gauge.

3. Moths attacking your stash

Moths are like little vampires, eating into our most precious knitting assets. They can demolish years of beautiful yarn in such a small amount of time.

4. Yarn sales

Is there a little demonic voice saying, “So what if you have to use the emergency credit card? You need this color!”

Knitting With Stitch Markers

5. Losing stitch markers

One minute that stitch marker was there, telling you where the increase goes. The next minute? Mysteriously gone. (Hint: Check the couch cushions before you panic!)

6. Running out of yarn storage

You keep stashing, stashing, stashing. But secretly, deep down, you are worried that the next hank of yarn you bring home just won’t fit in that container. It’s almost as if a goblin is coming in during the night and expanding your collection! (If only he’d bring more cashmere.)

7. Losing a paper pattern

Not everything is digital these days. It’s scary when you misplace the only copy of a paper pattern that you really love!

8. Giving knitted gifts

What if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit? What if it ends up a massive piece of felt? There are so many fears surrounding knitted gifts. Make sure your recipient appreciates the time you’re putting into the gift.

Cloudborn Yarn in Cloudborn Bag

9. Packing projects for traveling

Most of us are paranoid every time we pack knitting, especially when it’s for a long trip when we might not have access to a craft or yarn store. Did you bring enough stitch markers? Where did those scissors go? Ahhh!!!

We have some tips to help with that!

10. Felting a project

We live in constant fear that a clueless roommate, spouse, or friend will put our knitting in the washing machine or dryer and felt our beautiful stitches.

11. UFOs

Not the alien kind — we’re talking “unfinished objects.” UFOs haunt us every time we have the courage to peek into the project bag. It’s still there, and it’s not going away unless we do something about it.

12. Spending too much money on yarn

Once we enter the yarn store or click to one of our fave stores online, something takes control of us. Must. Buy. Yarn. We don’t even realize when our hand reaches for that credit card, and sometimes we never snap out of the trance!

13. Knitting lace

Tiny needles, thin yarn, charts — lace can be terrifying. Face your fears head on and cast on for that gorgeous lace shawl.

14. Yarn crawls

There are raffles, sales, and sometimes there are bonuses like BOGO (buy one get one) deals that you just can’t pass up. Pace yourself, otherwise things will get really scary!

15. Colorwork

Some colorwork can be really intimidating. Mosaic, for example, is not super scary. But something with floating strands on the wrong side like Fair Isle? That might make you tremble a little. (Don’t sweat it, though. Just check your tension with those floats as you knit!)

16. Running out of yarn for your project

We’ve all played chicken with our project before. You might make it to the end — but you might not.

What scares you in your knitting? Tell us your fears in the comments!


Marsha (msmartcat)

You forgot the scariest thing of all – running out of yarn! Even if we have plenty we fear that someday we have knit it all and then…

Maggie Le May

Set in sleeves – if find they are a nightmare, but finding raglan sleeve items is also nightmarish ???

Tina K

I can only open 2 of these.


You forgot steeking! I have yet to get over that fear and try a project that involves cutting my knitting.


Forgetting what row you are on on a multi-row pattern. And it is a fear that keeps on giving. If you realize that you have added or left off a row, and so tear out your stitches, you are often left wondering if you went back too far or not far enough. Thank heavens for row counters, or a paper and pen!


So are there any answers to these problems? I wasn’t able to expand on any of the topics.


It’s just a list that’s supposed to be slightly humourous. A couple of them do have links to tutorials though. (numbers 1 and 9)

Kathy Simkins

I have a gorgeous lace beret that is about half done. I have been looking for the pattern that has gone into hiding somewhere in my house. Next time I start a pattern I am going to make a photocopy of the darn thing. I would just frog it all and do another pattern but I know I will probably find the pattern within 12 hours of doing so. So BE AFRAID! Be Very AFRAID! You can be put into limbo looking into all of the little nooks and cranny in your home in a vain attempt to locate a very important pattern! That is scary!

Kate Cricco

Biggest fear yesterday came true….after traveling with needles and projects to Europe, the unenlightened security agents on my way home threatened to confiscate my needles- I HAD 4 PROJECTS WITH ME…you know, just in case….I did end up backtracking to the check-in and had to wrap my knitting bag in plastic to ship it back in the hold- I spent an anxious 12 hours worrying if it was there, really who cares about dirty clothes? Whew, a happy ending…..guess I’ll just read in Europe from now on…..

Vanessa Barnett

How do you open these to find out the solutions?

Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts

Having too many stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My biggest fear is my carpal tunnel and trigger finger acting up and preventing me from finishing a project in time to give it as a gift. Magnetic rings and bracelets helping a lot!

Wendy Guilmette

I still hate dropped stitches, it takes me forever to fix

Diane Riley

holes and picking up stitches in socks


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