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Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! 6 Animal Hat Knitting Patterns

Winter is coming! Little (and big) heads are going to need some cover. I have already blogged about some alternatives to beanies, now I want to share some more Bluprint inspiration for hats-other-than-beanies, with a focus on the amazingly cute animal hat patterns! So get your knitting needles out, folks, because here come the lions and tiger and bears, and much more.


Knit Lion Hat for babyPhoto via Bluprint member bear-ears

Cute baby alert! This pattern has instructions for a baby AND adult sizes. Admittedly, the ear pattern is crochet, but I imagine you could substitute other round ears and the result would be just as cute. I absolutely adore the little loopy mane! Get the pattern.


Knit Tiger SweaterPhoto via Bluprint member Rachel Erin

This is a pattern for a whole sweater, but I couldn’t not include it. It’s so cute! I can see my own kiddo wearing this and just rawwwr-ing all day long. I love the randomness of the stripes and how they really do resemble those of a real tiger. Get the pattern.

And bears…

Knit Newborn Bear HatPhoto via Bluprint member prolesik

Newborns make the cutest little bear cubs. This newborn pattern is made with bulky yarn, so it is a quick knit. I can see it being an absolute hit at baby showers! Bears are super easy hats to make. Get the pattern.

You can see more bear hat patterns on Bluprint by clicking this search link: bear hats.


Knit Owl Hats All in a RowPhoto via Bluprint member girlyknits

This is probably the ultimate animal hat pattern! It starts as an owl (with many different sizes), but is completely customizable. Straight from the pattern description, it “includes instructions for 2 different gauges of super bulky weight yarn, 3 eye options, 2 ear options (rounded and pointed), and a bow!” You can use these ears for the lion pattern above. Get the pattern.


Woman Wearing Knit Fox HatPhoto via Bluprint member theredfox

What does the fox say? I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it. The fox is really trendy right now. Everyone has this song stuck in their head and some people want the fox on their head. Why not make a cute fox hat for yourself or someone you love? This pattern has ear flaps and pompoms! Perfect for the winter, I think. Get the pattern.


Knit Cat Hat Beanie on MannequinPhoto via Bluprint member pixiebell

Last, but not least, the cat hat! This is a square beanie that gives the illusion of a round beanie with ears. Another quick knit with bulky yarn. I love the simple cat shape! If you want more details, you can add some cat features to the front, like eyes, a nose and maybe some whiskers? Make it as detailed or as simple as you want. Get the pattern.

Knit yourself an entire safari of animal hats! If you have little ones to give gifts to this holiday season, you can knit a different animal for each! If you do not see the animal hat you want to knit, check out the “animal hat” search for knitting. You could also change the search term to a particular animal. There are so many talented crafters out there, so you are bound to find the animal you desire. If not, try making your own pattern using these as guides.

What do you think of animal hats? Just for kids or do adults pull them off, too?

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