Tips for Knitting Beautiful Baby Hats

By Sarah Johnson
Baby Hat KnittingBaby hats are quick knitting projects, great gifts, and perfect for stash-busting. Baby hats can be made for all seasons, whether with lightweight cotton yarn or superwash wools. Just be sure always to remember baby’s special needs: soft, cozy yarns, safe construction, and washability. Read more »
knit letters

How to Knit Letters: Tips & Tricks

By Sarah Johnson

Incorporating words, or just letters, into knitting adds a personalized touch! Perhaps you want to make a monogrammed baby blanket, where the center of the blanket is the baby’s initial, or baby blocks with the alphabet. You could also make a throw pillow with a cute saying or phrase on it. Learn how to knit letters a variety of ways.

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One-Day Knitting Projects

By Ashley Little
One Day Knitting ProjectsSometimes you want instant gratification from a knitting project -- and sometimes you wait until the last minute to start knitting a gift for a friend or family member and need it finished ASAP. (Oops!) Knitting a project in one day isn’t impossible, as long as you’re not trying to knit up an entire sweater or other large item. Try these one-day projects and you’ll be finished before bedtime. Read more »

Broomstick Crochet Bracelet Patterns

By Ashley Little
Broomstick Crochet BraceletLast week, I showed you how to crochet your own broomstick lace. You’re probably in love with the look, but if you’re like me, you don’t know exactly what to make with it. Get ready to accessorize with these broomstick crochet bracelet patterns! Read more »

Friendship Knitting: Many Knitters, One Project

By Sarah Johnson
Friendship KnittingDon’t just knit near your friends, knit with them, by working together to create one beautiful project! Learn how to find the best patterns that can be created in pieces, which can then be pulled together as one unified project. Read more »

Circular Knitting Patterns for Neat Knits

By Ashley Little
Circular Knitting PatternsThe great thing about circular knitting is that you don’t need much finishing. You can’t really get away without weaving in your ends (ugh), but you can escape seaming. Not only does circular knitting save you a few headaches, but it also makes your knitting look neat and clean. Kiss seaming goodbye with these circular knitting patterns for everything from shawls to hats and skirts. Read more »

Knitting with Ribbon Yarn Tips

By Sarah Johnson
Knitting Ribbon Yarn TipsRibbon yarns can create a fun, festive project, with a little shine and often with a metallic touch. They can be slippery yarns, so be careful when choosing needles and keep your yarn in a plastic bag while knitting, in case your ball unwinds itself. To play up the visual appeal of ribbon yarns, use a pattern that involves a drop or wrap stitch, letting the ribbon yarn shine. Read more »

Jazz Up Any Scarf with Ruffles

By Sarah Johnson
Knit RufflesScarves are one of the easiest knitting projects, right? Whenever you can’t think of what to make for someone or with a particular skein of yarn, you often default to: scarf. At least I do. So I’m always looking for interesting embellishments to jazz them up. One great option? Add ruffles! Read more »