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The Big Fun Crafty Show
How It Works

One craft, a zillion possibilities

Break out your glue sticks & googly eyes: it’s The Big Fun Crafty Show from Universal Kids! 3 teams of creative kids take on a crafting challenge, armed with their imaginations and artistic abilities, and, oh yeah—a huge supply of colorful materials!

Show Off Those Building Skills

The first several episodes focus on crafters’ inner architect. Whether they’re constructing a birdhouse or creating a garden home for a gnome, they’re (ahem) putting the “fun” in functionality. But they don’t stop at mere dwellings! The planners are also put to the tasks of designing their own tabletop games and friendly robots. And if you find yourself bit by the builders’ bug, you can craft alongside the show with our Make Your Own Birdhouse, Gnome Garden, Robot, and Tabletop Game Episode Challenge Kits!

Watch Episodes 1-10

Keep Up The Fun:Become Enlightened

What’s that up in the sky? A planet? A star? A crew of aliens making contact with planet earth (we hope!)? Episodes 11 through 18 bring light into focus as the teams hone their crafting brilliance. Whether they’re making a model of our galaxy, assembling a UFO to help their alien friends return home, or reimagining a chandelier, all little Isaac Newtons (or Mulder and Scullys) will be illuminated. And if these episodes leave you feeling lit, you can craft alongside the show with our intergalactic model, UFO, and chandelier episode challenge kits!

Watch Episodes 11-18

Fun Behind the Curtain

What do crafters, writers, and performers have in common? Boundless imaginations and a talent for storytelling! In the Puppet Theater episode, the crafters command the whole stage, from construction and set design, to playwriting and puppeteering. ‘Cause crafting isn’t limited to what you can make with your hands—it’s anything you can bring to life. If you’re inspired to put on your own production, you can craft alongside the show with our Make Your Own Puppet Theater Episode Challenge Kit!

Watch Episodes 19-27