Claudia  Chase

Woven Silk Cuffs

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

Claudia Chase made Woven Silk Cuffs with:

Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

Online Class

Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

with Claudia Chase

  • Hand painted silk
  • cotton warp
  • ultra-suede

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Claudia Chase

joanmaryj597835 asked:
Love this bracelet
Claudia Chase answered:
Thank you!
Weaving Zebra asked:
So beautiful! Did you cover something to make the loop?
Claudia Chase answered:
I covered a rubber O-ring with hand-painted silk.
Susan Wilson Bramlett asked:
Do you have the pattern for this bracelet? There are different patterns on this bracelet. also how to cover the o ring.
Claudia Chase answered:
It's just tapestry techniques that can be found in this class.
Weaving Spirit asked:
Really pretty! I look forward to taking this class. Did you use a Mirrix loom and if so, is it worth the cost in your opinion?
Claudia Chase answered:
Yes, I did, but then again I own Mirrix Looms.
mmunro827657532 asked:
What is inside the circle that attaches to the button?
Claudia Chase answered:
A rubber o-ring.