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Granulation Ring

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Granulation Techniques Demystified

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Q&A with Victoria Lansford

Barb Barringer asked:
Can I work with a propane torch?
Victoria Lansford answered:
Yes, you can fuse with most any type of torch. The trick is getting the right size flame and corona for the scale of the piece you're making. Air/acetylene is the easiest to work with. A rosebud tip or a larger regular tip on an Roxy/propane torch (not sure what number) will create a diffuse flame and create a corona that should work even for the larger projects in the class. The challenge with oxy/propane is not getting the flame too big and therefore too hot. Try decreasing the oxygen. Please let us know your experience with using this type of torch for these projects.
Victoria Lansford asked:
Like an oxy/propane or a Smith Little torch? If the first one, yes. If the little torch, it doesn't work so well.
Victoria Lansford answered:
I'd stick with an acetylene/air torch. It's the best general silver and goldsmithing torch there is and so much more versatile than a mini torch.