Jenny Vestal

Double Leaf Fine Silver Shawl Pin

Who is this project for? Women

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Jenny Vestal made Double Leaf Fine Silver Shawl Pin with:

Torch-Fired Precious Metal Clay

Online Class

Torch-Fired Precious Metal Clay

with Jenny Vestal

  • PMC3 metal clay

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Jenny Vestal

Ipanema asked:
Beautiful Pin. I really like the intricate detail in the leaves. It makes them so realistic. Your jewelry and buttons are all exquisite. I've long wanted to make buttons, but wasn't sure of the medium. Now I know . I most certainly will have to take your class.
Jenny Vestal answered:
I hope you do! There is a lot of fun to be had ; )
AkuaDesigns asked:
This is glorious. Is syringe clay like slip? Could you have achieved this using joining using slip?
Jenny Vestal answered:
Hi Akua - I used syringe clay to make the little lines down the center of the leaves. There are a couple of tiny balls at the base of the leaves that are scraps of clay I balled up. When constructing it I painted and fired the leaves first, and then joined it together with an oil paste. You can buy that premade or make your own with essential oil and clay. It's a little thicker than what you paint on the leaves, and the oil helps it be strong.
z.zoe861831034 asked:
I love this design very much, and hope to have one myself. Will you consider selling it to the public? Thank your for your attention
Jenny Vestal answered:
Hi! This one is already sold...I made it by painting slip onto the back of leaves, (as shown in the lesson) then firing them. After that I added the stem. It's kind of a large project for a torch fired object, but you could make a similar piece using smaller leaves. (Say nickel or dime sized)
flootzavut asked:
Gorgeous! This class is on my wish list but I don't own (and can't current afford!) a torch, so I am just looking forward to it one day!
Jenny Vestal answered:
Hope to see you here! It's just a standard kitchen creme brle type torch, nothing too fancy.

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