Copper and fine silver earrings

Who is this project for? Women

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bahamadawn made Copper and fine silver earrings with:

Metalsmithing at Home

Online Class

Metalsmithing at Home

with Kate Richbourg

  • copper
  • fine silver
  • crystal beads

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with bahamadawn

La Luna asked:
What gauge of copper do you need, I read the materials needed for her course and it did not list any copper sheet nor amounts of gauge, for either silver not copper...any ideas? tks
bahamadawn answered:
i used 24 gauge copper for this.
8dove8 asked:
These are so beautiful...your patina...random texturing and irregular edge remind me of suede and leather... Copper and silver are such a harmonious pairing...inspiring... Are they heavy to wear...?
bahamadawn answered:
thank you, no they are not heavy. i thought they would be but they are not.
shellsybells asked:
I love the way these have so much texture! Amazing job!!! I want a pair :)
bahamadawn answered:
thank you!
andieblue1144193 asked:
Can you tell me how you made the silver pieces? Was it silver clay? Or silver that was cast?
bahamadawn answered:
i punched a silver disc from a sheet of silver and then stamped it with a metal stamp that had a spiral design on it.

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