Chrysocolla Necklace & matching earrings

Who is this project for? Women

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AngieLady made Chrysocolla Necklace & matching earrings with:

Beautiful Wirework Jewelry

Online Class

Beautiful Wirework Jewelry

with Heidi Boyd

  • Necklace: 18 and 24 g silver plated wire
  • silver plated round beads (4 mm)
  • silver tone butterfly beads (8 x 4 mm)

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with AngieLady

paula61 asked:
Can't wait to try these
AngieLady answered:
One caveat...that may not happen if you use dead soft wire. I used half hard, so I had a problem with my 18 g ring springing open and dropping the dangles off. I took a scrap piece of 18 g and used it to create a tight coil in 24g. Then I slid that coil onto my 18g ring and used E6000 to glue the coil over the join. That sucker is going nowhere now! :D
sweetlore5680190 asked:
How fo i start the video?
AngieLady answered:
There is no video. I'm not good enough for that yet lol