Metal, Glass & Clay

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Textured Jewelry

Scratch the Surface with Textured Metal Jewelry

By Ashley Little

Have you ever finished a piece of jewelry, only to realize that something is missing? Sometimes it's an extra bead here or a wrapped wire there. But other times the solution is as simple as adding a bit of texture to the metal. Get inspired by these textured jewelry ideas.

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Chainmaille Jewelry Patterns

Arm Yourself With Chainmaille Jewelry Patterns

By Ashley Little

Historically, chainmaille was worn by knights as armor, but today chainmaille has a much different reputation. No matter your skill level, arm yourself with one of these chainmaille jewelry patterns — no horse or special armor required.

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DIY Jewelry projets for mother's day

10 DIY Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas

By Amy Latta

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for the special ladies in our lives. Here are 10 DIY Mother's Day jewelry ideas to recreate!

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