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Beginner's Guide to Wirework for Beautiful Jewelry

The Beginner's Guide to Wirework for Beautiful Jewelry is a free PDF resource available exclusively on Craftsy. Featuring 27 photo-filled pages of wirework tutorials and expert tips, it offers everything you need to jumpstart your wirework jewelry journey.

What You Get

  • Instant access to essential wirework tips & tricks from experts
  • 3+ step-by-step wirework tutorials for a beautiful bracelet, pendant & pair of earrings

Product Details

Explore this one-stop resource for wirework success! Get started with a helpful overview of tools and wire types, and dive into accessible techniques to craft lovely, polished pieces. Master the mandrel to create perfectly shaped, kink-free loops, and learn how to make stylish, secure closures for a variety of jewelry. Plus, discover inspiring ideas for customizing these tutorials to suit your personal style!


  • An overview of essential wirework tools and wire
  • Tips for choosing the right wire for your project
  • How to make chic earrings with ease
  • How to make an eye-catching wire-chain bracelet
  • How to make a vintage-inspired wire-wrap pendant