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with Barbara Lewis
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Torch-Fired Enameling: The Immersion Method

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Create colorful custom jewelry as award-winning author Barbara Lewis guides you step by step through the immersion method of torch enameling. All you need are a few affordable tools and a torch from your hardware store and you're ready to paint with fire! Set up a safe, efficient workstation, and learn how to properly hold, heat and dredge iron beads to create a variety of beautiful effects. Discover the creative potential of steel wire as you layer opaque and transparent enamel to create bright, rich hues. Then, add eye-catching embellishments to copper and brass with textural enamel, sgraffito, firescale and even personalized decals. Along the way, Barbara reveals her expert tips for evenly heating your jewelry, preventing cracks and chips, and enameling gorgeous pieces that are uniquely yours.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h15m

Included in this Class

1. Intro to Torch-Fired Enameling

1. Intro to Torch-Fired Enameling

Meet your instructor, enameling artist Barbara Lewis, and learn more about the techniques covered in your class. Barbara introduces the types of enamels and metals you'll be working with and shows how to set up your workspace. With a simple clamp, you'll be able to secure your torch to a table or bench for hands-free operation. Barbara shows how to manage the flame and find the "sweet spot" for enameling.

2. Enameling Iron Beads

2. Enameling Iron Beads

Start immersion enameling with simple (and affordable) iron beads. Barbara shows how to heat a bead, then immerse it in finely ground enamel powder. Returning the bead to the flame, you'll see how the glass melts and creates a smooth enameled surface. Along the way, Barbara demonstrates safe handling techniques, how to troubleshoot common problems and how to add more layers of solid and transparent color to your beads.

3. Enameling Steel Wire

3. Enameling Steel Wire

Steel wire is extremely affordable and can be turned into colorful, organic rings for necklaces, pendants, brooches and more. Learn how to shape the wire and enamel it in sections, then anneal your piece -- bringing the temperature down slowly to prevent the enamel from cracking or separating.

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  • Enamels: Powdered, liquid and threads
  • Metal blanks, beads and wires such as copper, iron, steel and low-zinc brass