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with Cynthia Thornton
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Resin Sculpting & Casting Techniques

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Artist Cynthia Thornton guides you every step of the way, from sculpting a polymer master and capturing its form in a silicone mold to casting duplicates in colorful resin. Get started with essential polymer clay techniques and discover how to craft a variety of shapes. Transform your clay into whimsical creations, then find out how to replicate any piece with a silicone mold! Cynthia shares her foolproof tips for smooth, consistent resin results and helps you enhance your cast creations with custom dyes, paints and eye-catching metallic finishes. You'll even learn how to seal your work for long-lasting beauty, then mount your resin creations to create pendants, buttons, hairpins and more!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h44m

Included in this Class

1. Sculptor's Toolbox

1. Sculptor's Toolbox

Meet jewelry artist Cynthia Thornton and learn about the sculpting process, from creating a polymer clay master to capturing it in a silicone mold and casting in resin. Learn how to make your own sculpting tools using readily available and affordable resources.

2. Start Sculpting

2. Start Sculpting

Get familiar with polymer by sculpting a simple ornamental pond, complete with lily pads and a lotus flower. Cynthia shows how to form the base and add texture, then bake it with a heat gun to preserve your work before adding more layers of dimension.

3. Sculpting the Owl

3. Sculpting the Owl

Repurpose the shapes you learned in Lesson 2 to sculpt the feathers, eyes and beak of a whimsical owl. Breaking down the steps, Cynthia demonstrates how easy it is to layer the owl's feathers and add texture. Bake your finished piece in the oven for durability!