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with Gayle Bird
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Organic Wire-Wrapped Pendants

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Harness unique techniques and an organic aesthetic to achieve projects that look like works of art! Begin class with a lesson on crafting free-form frames using simple cold connections. Gayle will show you how to create frames with integrated bails, and share tips for cutting and shaping your designs. Then, fire up your torch to solder two strong, elegant frames and experiment with texturizing and tempering for eye-catching results. Versatile captures are up next: Find out how to incorporate beads, sea glass and irregularly shaped objects into your projects with ease. And, pick up pro tips for confidently capturing stones and cabochons. Finally, follow along with Gayle to add dynamic loops and coils to your designs for structural support and visual appeal before completing your projects by adding an antique finish and clasps.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h13m

Included in this Class

1. Frames for Free-Form Pendants

1. Frames for Free-Form Pendants

Meet your instructor, Gayle Bird, and learn how to create free-form frames using cold connections. See how Gayle forms two unique shapes with integrated bails, and follow along as she shows you how to cut and shape your own fluid designs.

2. Soldered Frames

2. Soldered Frames

Gayle guides you step by step through soldering two more frames. Get an inside look at how you can use soldering techniques to enhance your wirework, and find out how to texturize and temper your pieces with a hammer.

3. Bead & Beach Glass Captures

3. Bead & Beach Glass Captures

It's time to capture objects in your frames. Make a beautiful mosaic of beads, and create a secure spot for irregular objects such as sea glass.