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Top 5 Tips for Setting Up a Jewelry Studio

By Craftsy
Happenstance Jewelry Studio

Hi all! Max Goodman here from Craftsy's Jewelry Workshop class. I've just finished setting up my new workspace, Happenstance Jewelry Studio, and thought I'd offer you guys some tips if you're interested in setting up a jewelry studio or workspace of your own. Whether you're a full-time metalsmith like me, or just a beading dabbler, your workspace is an integral part of your crafting practice. Here are my Top 5 tips for setting up a jewelry studio.

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Thanksgiving Crafts Contest 2013: And The Winner Is….

By Craftsy
It seems like Thanksgiving brings out the crafter in us all! There were so many fabulous submissions for the Craftsy Thanksgiving Contest 2013, and deciding the winner of this competition was not an easy task. All of us here on the Craftsy blog team want to congratulate everyone on your incredible work! Read more »

Craftsy’s Thanksgiving Crafts Contest 2013

By Karen Kelty
November is full of family, food and falling leaves, and Craftsy wants to add another great tradition to your plate! Have you been busy creating turkey-themed treats, lovely leaf wreaths or adorable, autumnal amigurumi? We want to see your work! Show us your best fall and Thanksgiving-themed crafts for a chance to win a Craftsy Mystery Box! Read more »

Discover the Most Generous Cities in America

By Craftsy
Generous Cities

'Tis the season of giving! And, its clear that many of you are already feeling the holiday spirit, according to the results of our recent survey of 10,000 passionate makers across the country. Keep reading to find out if your city made the list of America’s most generous!

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Ask an Expert: Lighting Demystified With Neil van Niekerk

By Craftsy
Neil van Niekerk ExpertThanks for tuning in for another week of Ask An Expert. Today, we share advice directly from our expert Neil van Niekerk, in response to popular questions asked by our community members within our Facebook Photography Club. Find out what to do in situations when you can't bounce your flash, how to best achieve a prime effect, how many cameras to use when shooting a wedding, and more. And, ask your own questions! Read more »

Make a Huggable Monster for a Child in Need

By Craftsy
Lovable stuffed monstersSometimes a small act can have a huge impact -- and the family-founded company A Monster to Love proves just that! Created by 12-year old twins Sam and Ben and their dad Ray, A Monster to Love designs, sews and ships adorable, wacky stuffed monsters to children in need all over the country. Read more »

Ask An Expert: What’s Up With White Chocolate Ganache?

By Craftsy
Jessica Harris ExpertWelcome to our new Sunday series on the Craftsy blog! In Ask An Expert we share advice directly from our experts, in response to popular questions asked by our community members. So be sure to submit your questions-- whether you're interested in knitting, quilting, cake decorating, cooking, art or more-- and tune in every week to see if they've been answered. Now, onto this week's fabulous member question, where Jessica Harris demystifies white chocolate ganache! Read more »