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8 Tutorials Perfect for Making Gemstone Rings

At some point or another, every jewelry crafter, novice or experienced, considers making a gemstone ring. Many may feel it’s just too daunting a task, and give up on the idea before even getting started — but you don’t have to.

Whether your passion is beading, wire wrapping, or something in between, there is a pattern tutorial to fit just about any skill level and style preference.

Peacock Blue Mystic Topaz - Marcella Crystal Ring 1 Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member MyWiredImagination

Get the Marcella Crystal Wire-Wrap Ring tutorial here.

Here are just a few of the fabulous tutorials you can find here on Bluprint!


Photo via Bluprint member Gailavira Tutorials 

Woven ring

This pattern by is a wonderful beginner project. Didn’t think this qualifies as a gemstone ring? If you use gemstone beads, it sure does. This is a great pattern with infinite design and bead possibilities.

Get the Simple Woven Adjustable Ring tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member Gailavira Tutorials

Mystic ring

Another wonderful pattern by designer Gailavira Tutorials, this Mystic Ring tutorial uses cabochons to create a unique gemstone ring in wire.

Get the Mystic Ring Tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member MyWiredImagination

Filigree rings

This wire woven pattern by designer MyWiredImagination, Woven Filigree Rings, provides a unique and fairly easy way to get several gemstones into one ring.

Get the Woven Filigree Rings tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member MyWiredImagination

Prong ring

Another pattern from designer MyWiredImagination, Lesson In Patience Prong Ring Tutorial, uses a very clever technique to help create the classic Solitaire style gemstone ring.

Get the Lesson in Patience Prong Ring Tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member Ellad2

Starlight ring

If you’re drawn to bead weaving, check out this gorgeous pattern by designer Ellad2. Though it initially calls for a 14mm crystal rivoli, it could just as easily use a 14mm gemstone.

Get the Starlight Ring tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member Ellad2

O ring

Another unique pattern by designer Ellad2, this ring, uses both a gemstone cabochon and the new Czech O Ring beads. This design is easy and works up quickly.

Get the O Ring tutorial here.


Photo via Bluprint member MyWiredImagination

Crystal ring

Last but not least is this deceptively easy wire wrap pattern. This design initially uses a rhinestone crystal in a sew-on setting, but gemstones can just as easily be used in the settings to create stunning handmade gemstone rings that rival any commercially made rings.

Get the Marcella Crystal Ring 1 tutorial here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial roundup for gemstone rings! Please click here to view more of my posts.

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Vangerlin Bolden

Had u known there was a fee for the rings I would have deleted


Bobbi Maw

I’m really sorry Vangerlin, that you feel that way, truly! But pattern designers like myself couldn’t make a living if we made all of our patterns free.

Domino Truitt

Seriously Vangerlin? NOT everything in life is FREE. I totally appreciate the efforts of artisans, being one myself, and I fully expect to pay to advance my knowledge. Wow.

Bobbi Maw

Thank you very much Domino!!! Your understanding/view is greatly appreciated!!!!!

Jessica Bruce

I would be delighted to know when the tutorial and pattern for the mystic ring was made, considering that this is a design that I developed and taught classes for roughly 8 years ago.

Bobbi Maw

I would suggest you contact the author directly Jessica, since I have no copyright information for other than my own tutorials.


Hi, can you add some videos in the tutorial showcasing the process of making gemstone rings and little knowledge from where to get the best material for rings.


I have been talking myself out of buying Mywiredimagination’s Marcella and a lesson in patience tutorials for the better part of 2 years now, and every time I search techniques, they’re one of the first to pop up every time. I think it’s about time I get em!


I recently purchased your Tutorial for the Fancy Band Prong Ring and was not sure if you would have any kits for me to purchase. I looked on your website and was not able to purchase a complete kit for this particular tutorial. I would appreciate your help in get a kit to make this particular ring. I love your designs and your talent for making beautiful jewelry is stunning. Thank you!


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