Gardening Projects & Ideas(72)

Get inspired to create from our showcase of gardening ideas, projects and more from Bluprint editors and community.

Felty Fir Trees
Floral Arrangement
Considering Garden Designs
Tomato Plant Protection
Bonsai Wire-Wrapping Techniques
Fish Bowl Succulent Arrangement
Build Your Own Cloches
Irrigated Raised-Bed Garden
Different Styles of Shimpaku
Succulent bouquet in sand
Constructing Raised Beds
Drawing Garden Designs
Succulent Mug Bouquet
Mini High Desert Succulent Garden
Yoga Deck Garden
Tomato Seedlings
Vertical and Container Gardens
Reverse Smocked Velvet Pillow
The pottery is dwarfed!
Succulent mug bouquets
Season-Extending Modifications
Designing with Paths & Benches
Economizing Garden Space
Tea House Focal Point
Bonsai Larch Grove
Learn About Soil & Planting Techniques
Enchanting Garden Path
Succulents in cocktail glasses
Elegant Garden Path
Designing via Photos
Hot Caps
Using Borders and Negative Space
Worm-Bin Compost
Garden Landscape
Vegetable Garden 2015
Flanged Pillow
More edible flowers!
Create a Peaceful Enclosure
Garden Roses
Succulent gift bouquet
Edible Flowers!
Hillside Garden
Creating Nutrient-Rich Soil
Juniper rock planting
Heirloom Tomato Varieties
Hostess gift arrangement
Fall Makeover for the Cabin
Small Space Garden Ideas
Glass Art as a Focal Point
Hanging Baskets
"Homemade" Heat-Annealed Wire
Tufted Pillow
Crafting a Balanced Entrance
Seedling Care
Art & Foliage Design
Anise hyssop in the summer garden
Insulating a Worm Bin
Choosing Plants and Color Schemes
Shopping for Garden Roses
Foliage Focused Containers
Hanging Tomato Container
Using Foliage To Select Paint Colors!
Jenny's New Puppy by the Firepit
Working With Hearty Greens
Canted Half-Blind Dovetail
Tuscan Kale Caesar
Through Dovetail
Edible Flower Salad

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