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with Stefani Bittner
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Grow Better Greens

From Seed to Salad
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Discover how to make salads the most exciting part of your meal! Edible-garden designer and best-selling author Stefani Bittner shows you how to grow healthy greens and herbs in your own backyard. First, learn when and where you should plant your garden for optimal results. Then, explore the ins and outs of soil and compost, so your plants get the nutrients they need. Stefani even shows you how to shop for seeds, space your greens and transplant, for a beautiful, bountiful garden. Next, find out why succession planting and intercropping are important techniques to learn, get expert tricks for watering and fertilizing your plants, and learn how to keep pests out of your space. Finally, see how to harvest your plants, and plant hearty greens such as kale and chard, herbs and edible flowers for a well-balanced garden you’ll love. And, see how to combine your ingredients, for delicious salads even your pickiest eaters will devour.


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 1h58m

Included in this Class

1. What to Grow & Where

1. What to Grow & Where

Meet Stefani Bittner, author of a bestselling edible garden book and your guide to delicious greens in your own backyard. In this first lesson, Stefani will walk you through some of the basics: What should you plant? When should you plant it? Where you should plant it? These are the questions she's here to answer.

2. Soil & Compost

2. Soil & Compost

Now that you've selected what and where to plant, it's time to figure out what those greens will grow in. Stefani digs into the subject of soil and compost, showing you how to get the most out of your garden, whether it's a planter on your deck or a raised bed in your backyard.

3. Sowing, Spacing & Transplanting

3. Sowing, Spacing & Transplanting

Having Stefani to guide you is like getting to shop with an expert at the nursery. She'll show you exactly what to look for when choosing and planting seeds. Then discover the best way to space and transplant, so that your garden is both beautiful and bountiful!