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with Ellen Ogden
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Designing Elegant Edible Gardens

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Learn how to create a well-designed edible garden with guidance from renowned food and garden writer Ellen Ecker Ogden. Explore the history of kitchen gardens and gather inspiration for your own unique space. Then, map out your design on paper, create a five-year plan for your space and learn Ellen’s steps for successful design! Moving on, discover the essentials of the four-square design model and learn about the many benefits of this crop rotation system before properly grouping and placing your plants for a garden that thrives. Then, translate your design plan from paper to reality and get tips on growing a more productive and low-maintenance garden. Finally, infuse your space with artful touches and learn the 80/20 rule for a professional-looking garden that’s full of the vegetables you love.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h45m

Included in this Class

1. Design Theory

1. Design Theory

Challenge the way you look at gardening and growing food with the help of food and garden author Ellen Ecker Ogden. You'll begin the class with an introduction to design basics and the four-square model, which will help guide you through the rest of the class, including an overview of kitchen gardens and inspirational sources that will help generate creativity.

2. Planning Your Edible Garden

2. Planning Your Edible Garden

Gain a new perspective on your garden as Ellen shows you how to look at your garden's design from every angle. You'll take a bird's eye approach to observing the land you want to plant as you start to sketch loose designs that will complement your landscape and plants' needs alike. Additionally, you'll consider a five-year plan for your garden, which will help you gracefully adapt your garden over the years.

3. Five Steps to Success

3. Five Steps to Success

Have you ever stood in a garden and wondered if the pleasing flow among elements was the result of happy design accidents? Ellen discusses five steps to success for planning and placing elements such as paths, benches, arbors and more, which are functional in addition to creating harmony. You'll also learn how small touches can improve the look of plain raised beds or necessary but ordinary-looking fencing.

Recommended with this class

  • Biodegradable natural jute twine (optional)
  • Seaweed solution fertilizer
  • Planting line and dibble