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List of 40 Fast Growing Flowers for Your Garden

Sometimes you want to plant fast growing flowers to create bouquets and flower arrangements for upcoming events, like a wedding. Or maybe you have a lot of garden to cover, and you quickly want to see the blooming results of your hard work.

Whatever your reason, you’ll love this handy list of fast growing flowers you can plant in your garden today, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a beautiful blast of color that’ll last all season long.

Coneflower by Domenico Salvagnin via CC BY 2.0

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Blue morning glory flower
Blue morning glory flower by Thangaraj Kumaravel via CC BY 2.0

40 fast growing flowers to consider for your garden:

  1. Alpine aster
  2. Bachelor buttons
  3. Bee balm
  4. Blackberry Lily
  5. Black-eye Susan (perennial)
  6. Black-eyed Susan (vine)
  7. Blanket flower
  8. Calendula
  9. Chocolate vine
  10. Clematis
  11. Cleome
  12. Columbines
  13. Coreopsis
  14. Dianthus
  15. Delphinium
  16. Cosmos
  17. Cup-and-saucer vine
  18. Foxglove
  19. Fuchsias
  20. Hyacinth bean vine
  21. Hardy geranium
  22. Marigold
  23. Mexican sunflower
  24. Morning glory vine
  25. Nigella
  26. Nicotiana
  27. Nasturtiums
  28. Pansy
  29. Passionflower
  30. Poppies
  31. Purple coneflower
  32. Snowdrop anemone
  33. Sunflowers
  34. Snapdragons
  35. Star Jasmine
  36. Sweet Alyssum
  37. Sweet peas
  38. Verbena
  39. Wisteria
  40. Zinnia

This list is by no means a complete list of fast growing plants, but it should help you get started in creating the garden of your dreams with fast growing plants and flowers. Keep in mind that a lot of plants that may be fast growing in warmer zones, may in fact not grow as fast in colder zones.

Urban Sunflower
Urban sunflowers via MrBrownThumb

Notes on choosing fast growing flowers

  • Annuals are the plants that go from to seed to flower in one growing season. But if you are interested in fast growing flowers you can't rely on just annuals. You will need a mixture of annuals and perennials to quickly cover bare spots in the early spring, or to create living walls and privacy screens.
  • Thinking vertically will also help you get lush results quickly. Many vines are prolific bloomers and shouldn't be overlooked in the quest for plants that bloom quickly.
  • If you're looking for instant gratification in the garden, I recommend planting a mixture of fast growing annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables that fit your requirements.
  • Another thing you should consider when planting a garden in the hopes of growing plants that bloom easily are "re-bloomers." There are many plants that you can deadhead and will re-bloom a second time before the season is over. These plants are great if you are growing a cutting garden and want to bring in a lot of flower bouquets during the growing season.
  • Planting larger sized plants will also lead to flowers that seem to grow faster. For example, a 5 gallon plant will take a couple of years to establish itself and mature. Whereas a plant growing in 15 or 25 gallon pot is a lot older and will bloom sooner and probably more abundantly that first year after planting.
  • The best way to achieve a garden of fast growing flowers is sit down and make a garden plan. Do you need fast growing flowers because your growing your own flowers to decorate your home or for a special occasion?
  • The best approach would be to plant seeds for flowers for a cutting garden that will not break the bank. However, if you are looking for fast growing flowers for to landscape around your home, and don't have time for plants to mature, it would be prudent to start with larger plants.

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garden design

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Bonnie Newsome

Thanks Sam, For the flower up date. I am just ready to start planting. I was not sure what I would plant this year so your info was very helpful. You will need to come and see them when they come up.
Love Ya Sammy Girl


Great info! Nice n easy !! Thanks

sylvia whitker

looking for bulds cone flower seeds anything that comez up year after year just movin to a place that hasn’t had nothing ever grow so im changing it need help and looking for black eyed Susie’s


Hello, I would like to know what flowers grow fast in a zone 3 area. We have a wedding July 1st and would love to grow our own flowers


Thanks for this amazing list, I was planning to plant at least 10 easy and fast growing flowers but could not decide what to have in my Garden, Now that I have the list I will go through all of them and will decide the best 10.


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