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Q&A with Lisa Shaw

Val251 asked:
I only have two hoops with my machine - will the class still be useful for me?
Lisa Shaw answered:
I think there are lots of techniques covered in the class for any machine. The all over fabric done in the flip hoop session - check out my blog in the class materials to see how I did this same type of project using a different hoop. I like to take classes for ideas and inspiration - it fun to think about how I can "make it work" in my own way. ENJOY!
pat847494 asked:
I also only have 2 hoops. Have tried multihoopings with my 4x4 hoop to see if I could do it. I can. Now I also join designs and try them out in my 5x7 Hoop. I have a Bernina 730E (about 8 years old as well as a Deco (12 plus years old). I can work with both and use Lisa's methods. It was the best course I did on embroidery.. Try it out.
Lisa Shaw answered:
I love that our machines keep working for so long! My little PE-150 with a 4x4 and 4x6.75 "clunk hoop" loves to keep stitching when I give it jobs it can handle - it is my "free standing lace" machine at the moment!