Wedding Celebration Embroidery

You Can Make This

Emafish made Wedding Celebration Embroidery with:

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

Online Class

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

with Jessica Marquez

  • Embroidery floss and perle cotton

Q&A with Emafish

scrapquil829940 asked:
Really nice work.
Emafish answered:
sophie.ba645493 asked:
Really pretty - I like the idea of the four different border sections being the four seasons!
Emafish answered:
Thanks, Sophie! I can't take credit for the pattern - it's from cozyblue on Etsy.
Flowerchilde asked:
Very pretty! I too love the design with the different seasons of flowers! I also love how the back is tied up so neatly!! How clever! So no glue? Beautiful stitching!
Emafish answered:
Thank you, Flowerchilde! You're right - no glue! I just placed another fabric behind the embroidery and put them in the hoop together, trimmed the excess fabric in a circle (not quite as evenly as intended), did a basting stitch with contrasting thread, pulled the threads at the top and tied a bow! I like the way it looks and that it can be taken out of the hoop easily, if desired, but I did discover that the back isn't as flat as if it had been glued - it needs to be hung on a longer nail so it has some room away from the wall; otherwise it tilts outward because of the bulk on the back.
Aunty Stitches asked:
Not only pretty, but crisp and professional. Your stitches are so neat, and the colours show up really well.
Emafish answered:
Thank you, Aunty Stitches! I tried very hard to make the stitches neat so I really appreciate your comment!
LindaJ B asked:
Beautiful work! Great idea to show off your wonderful work! :)
Emafish answered:
Thank you, Linda!