Created by: Liz Frost

Tina Belcher

Q&A with Liz Frost

ejsong9316694032 asked:
Hi! I just downloaded the free pattern you posted (THANK YOU SO MUCH for that btw!) and I was wondering if you could tell me what count you stitched this on! It looks amazing :) I usually stitch on 14 count, but I'm feeling like this isn't 14? Thanks in advance!
Liz Frost answered:
Hi! Thanks! I'm so glad you like it! I stitched this on 18 count fabric, but you can definitely do it on 14 count. I'd suggest maybe using 3 strands of black thread though, to minimize the amount of white fabric that shows through. :)
shannon_hw asked:
Hey I love this!! Would 16 count be okay? It's my first time x thanks
Liz Frost answered:
Hi! Yes, 16 count will work great! Remember though that the finished size will be bigger than on 18 count so your fabric needs to be a bit bigger.
shanmhom asked:
This is probably a silly question, but I am very new to counted cross stitch (I've only done primarily stamped cross stitch up until this point). I was wondering if you would be able to tell me where the center stitch is/where exactly I should be starting the pattern. I LOVE this pattern and am so excited to get started with it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us (:
Liz Frost answered:
Hi! Not a silly question at all! You can find the exact middle of the pattern on page 5. At the top, you'll see a black arrow around the 100 mark, and the same on the left hand side. The exact middle is where those two arrows would meet. I'd suggest starting with her nose. It's very close to the center and it's a good place to visually anchor yourself. It's where I started too. For your fabric, fold it in half, then half again (top down, then left over) and pinch the fold so it creates a crease that you can see to find where you should start to stitch. I'm so happy you like it! I'm sure you'll be able to whip it up no problem :)

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