Created by: heather See

Subway for Maeve

You Can Make This

heather See made Subway for Maeve with:

Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques

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Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques

with Deborah Jones

Q&A with heather See

Sewknitcro asked:
Great job! Your font choices go with the words. Could tell us which fonts you used with each word? I really like how you curved the "creative" the the "g" of the "strong" centered in the "v"! Very thoughtfully done!Thank you for sharing!
heather See answered:
I bought some fonts from JuJu Designs when they had a sale of 10 for $15. I use Embird Software and their Font Engine and all the alphabets read in easily. They all stitch beautifully. Curious = #718 Engraved. Strong = 748 Delicate Flower. Giggles = 750 Quirky girl. Smart = 754 Adorn Block. Creative = 758 I want Crazy. Brave = 763 Siesta. Hugs = a TTF and Maeve was a mix of letters because I wanted the "a" to look like hand printed "a" as Maeve is only four and learning to identify letters. This is a fun project and I am going to do one for each of the grandchildren. Thanks