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PPWilk made Practice Sweatshirt with:

Custom Sweatshirt Jackets: Sewing & Embroidery Techniques

Online Class

Custom Sweatshirt Jackets: Sewing & Embroidery Techniques

with Cindy Losekamp

  • Purchased sweatshirt. Actually bought a cheap one to practice.

Q&A with PPWilk

eepsers asked:
Wow! Really nice job!
PPWilk answered:
Thanks! It is a fun class. Want to make the applique one too. Think I need a better quality sweatshirt for that one.
KB2012 asked:
It looks great! Does not look like a sweatshirt anymore :)
PPWilk answered:
Hopefully I can find some better quality sweatshirts for the next one. Also, want to get better with color coordination.
anke506747279 asked:
Love your colour choice.
PPWilk answered:
Thank you. Now to decide on the next one!
Cindy Losekamp asked:
Hi PPWilk's, Thank you so much for posting your work. I really appreciate it! You did a wonderful job!!! I love the binding!!! Ok, I'm being curious...would you be so kind to describe your stabilizer holder I see in the background? Inquiring minds would love to know. Blessings! Cindy :o)
PPWilk answered:
Hi Cindy, thanks for you kind comments. I found the stabilizer holder at my local quilt shop/fabric store. I had seen it before somewhere and lo and behold just happened to see it in the local shop. Wish I could remember where I saw it online. It would probably be very east to make it and I thought about doing that but I think it was only $19.99 so I just bought it. If I see it again, I will be glad to post again with the info. Really enjoyed the class and am planning to make another jacket soon.
ColoradoGrammy asked:
Awesome jacket! Great detail. I too would REALLY love to know where you got the stabilizer holder. What a great way to organize them. Will keep an eye on your comments to see if you share the info later. Again, great jacket.
PPWilk answered:
Thanks. It was really a fun class. I have not had a chance to make my second one yet, but plan to soon. I purchased the stabilizer holder at my local quilt shop. I think I have seen it online but can't remember where. You might just Try to Google it.