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Smart Editing Techniques for Machine Embroidery Designs

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Smart Editing Techniques for Machine Embroidery Designs

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Q&A with Penny Muncaster-Jewell

Prujoy asked:
Penny I am interested in this class but I'm not sure it will work with my Janome software. I have AcuDesign & AcuEdit & Horizonlink. I also have a trial version of buzzEdit.
Penny Muncaster-Jewell answered:
You should be able to do most of the things I show you in the class. I have not used the Janome Software but I do know that BuzzEdit will do a lot of the tasks. Good Luck Penny
lillied1260345 asked:
Hello- What software are you using for this class?
Penny Muncaster-Jewell answered:
Hi, I am using Pe-Design Version 10 (the same as Palette Version 10) HOwever most things I am showing you will work in most digitizing software. Have fun. Penny
CThomas asked:
Is this class for any type of software? I have 6D.
Penny Muncaster-Jewell answered:
Hi Hope, Most of the things covered in the class can be done in most software. recommend that you look at the list of functions used in the class materials and see where the equivalent functions are in your software. There may be one or two things that you may not be able to do, or that you may have to do differently Have fun Penny
solan314015216 asked:
i have amazing design edit n stitch never understood how to use it to full capacity does this class cover this software
Penny Muncaster-Jewell answered:
Hi, Most of the things I show can be done in most digitizing software. However, you will have to map the tools I am using PE-Design to the equivalent tools in your software. There may be some things that are specific to PE-Design. I don't cover other software systems. I hope that helps Penny
krishna6 asked:
I recently purchased the recommended software for my Pfaff. It is Premier + Ultra. I am a beginner, but I consider myself, somewhat computer savvy, but this is all new to me and I have no idea how to edit images and turn them into embroidery files. Will your course help me?
Penny Muncaster-Jewell answered:
Hi Krishna, I am sorry this class wont help you with that as it is focused on how to work with existing designs, rather than create them from an image. Good luck with learning your new software. Penny