Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree

Sold by Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

  • I loved the Christmas Tree pattern by Kelly Fletcher but don't have the skills for hand embroidery. I digitized the design and sewed it out onto a linen hand towel using polyester embroidery thread on my Viking Designer Deluxe embroidery machine.

Q&A with AkEdRn

dcrusco999316152 asked:
I really like this, very nice. What is the finished size?
AkEdRn answered:
155 mm -- about 6.25 inches
girndt1295297 asked:
Do you sell your digitized design? Love it, as I am too impatient for hand embroidery!
AkEdRn answered:
Unfortunately, I can't. This pattern was provided by Kelly Fletcher for personal use so my design created from it has that same limitation.
egtimms20461133 asked:
How do I buy this embroidery pattern, please?
AkEdRn answered:
The machine embroidery design is was digitized for personal use only, using the embroidery pattern provided by Kelly Fletcher. Search her name to access the free patter