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Myra Wood made Beaded Bracelets with:

Bead Embroidery: Beyond the Basics

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Bead Embroidery: Beyond the Basics

with Myra Wood

Q&A with Myra Wood

cakebyNeia asked:
Does this class teaches also how to make the necklace..?
Myra Wood answered:
The class teaches all the techniques you need to make the necklaces but there is no specific pattern for the necklace.
SKCnOK54 asked:
These projects are absolutely beautiful! Approximately how long does it take to make the beaded bracelets?
Myra Wood answered:
they usually take me 15-20 hrs but your mileage may vary.
yarnartist asked:
Surprisingly fast to make. My first one took less than 8 hours.
Myra Wood answered:
And may I add, it's GORgeous!