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Autumn stag

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Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

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Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

with Jessica Marquez

  • Anchor cotton thread and linen

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Ladymax asked:
what a great project. Congrats. answered:
Thanks so much ?
incoherentfish asked:
This is beautiful. And your photography of it is amazing. answered:
Thanks so much! I've been working in the photos so that's great to hear!
Jessica Marquez // @miniaturerhino asked:
Such a gorgeous piece and image! Did you create the design too? answered:
Thankyou! The stag is from a bustle and sew pattern, I then added the flowers
Mathweaver_Oaklea asked:
I love the design, color scheme, and presentation!. And I envy the smoothness of your satin stitch. Great project. answered:
Thankyou so much! I used a new method for the satin stitches called padding, you basically stitch it once, then stitch over again at a 90 degree angle! Takes a long time but worth it!
Mathweaver_Oaklea asked:
With the padded satin stitch, do you use the same number of floss plies for both layers? Thanks! answered:
Yes I used 2 ply for each layer which worked perfectly!