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with Jeannette Douglas
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Cross-Stitch: Basics & Beyond

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Achieve great cross-stitch results from start to finish! Join designer and instructor Jeannette Douglas and build a go-to toolkit of cross-stitch basics that will help you avoid mistakes, achieve beautiful results and enjoy this meditative pastime. During class, you'll learn how to cross-stitch by working a sampler: the perfect project for practicing new techniques. To begin, you'll see how to separate the strands in your floss, anchor your thread without a knot and read a stitch chart. Once you're comfortable reading charts, Jeannette will guide you step by step through fundamental techniques for the basic cross-stitch and working across rows. Then, find out how to calculate fabric, manage multiple colors at once and plan for larger motifs. You'll also discover how to work specialty stitches, add beads to your design and achieve a clean, gorgeous finish!


  • beginner
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h13m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

Meet your instructor, Jeannette Douglas! In this class, you'll begin with the basics of cross-stitch and review the supplies you'll need. Then Jeanette will show you how to "flower" embroidery floss to separate the strands and anchor your thread without a knot.

2. Basic Stitching

2. Basic Stitching

Follow along with Jeannette as she teaches you the basic cross-stitch, the stab method and the sewing method of maneuvering the needle. Then you'll review how to maintain the correct tension and how to work with over-dyed threads that change color as you stitch.

3. Working From Charts

3. Working From Charts

Begin stitching your sampler! First you'll learn how to read a stitching chart. Then Jeannette will walk you through calculating the amount of fabric you'll need for Aida cloth (best for beginners) and linen. She will also demonstrate how to move across rows and stitch a small flower design.

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  • Fabric: 14-count Aida cloth, 11" x 18" or 32-count linen, 10" x 16"
  • Embroidery floss