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with Paul Heaston
Online Class

Sketching Your Point of View

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Find out how to draw what you see confidently with video lessons from Urban Sketchers correspondent Paul Heaston. You'll start by discovering how to simplify cluttered spaces so they're easier to sketch, as well as how to add dimension to your work with value. Next, take the frustration out of foreshortening as Paul helps you apply this concept to give your sketches a more realistic sense of space. He'll also show you how to maintain consistent scale and proportions as you sketch. Perspective can seem perplexing, but Paul will refresh your understanding of both one- and two-point perspective techniques before teaching you to capture them intuitively. From there, you'll discover how space curves as it recedes so you can sketch scenes as they truly appear. Paul will even help you apply the techniques you've learned to create a wide-angle sketch of an interior space.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h49m

Included in this Class

1. Understanding Subject Matter

1. Understanding Subject Matter

Meet Paul Heaston and get started sketching your point of view. To begin, you'll learn to look for scenes instead of objects. Then, find out how to simplify the scene when drawing cluttered spaces. Paul will also help you differentiate between sketching and illustrating, so you can draw what you see instead of what you think you see.

2. Value

2. Value

Learn how value allows you to ground the objects you're sketching, as well as help you bring further context and dimension to your scene. Before moving on, Paul will give you tips for adding value to complicated scenes with multiple objects and textures.

3. Proportion & Scale

3. Proportion & Scale

Don't get frustrated by foreshortening; find out how to apply it to achieve a more realistic sense of space. You'll also explore how to use an anchor point to set up the scale for a larger scene. Finally, Paul will show you how to work from the foreground to the background to achieve realistic proportions while sketching a busy scene.

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