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with Paul Heaston
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Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday

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Become a better artist with a portable, versatile companion –- your sketchbook! Artist Paul Heaston shares an inspiring range of ways to use pencil, ink and watercolor in your own on-the-go “studio." Explore the world of sketching for beginners as you learn to accurately depict subject matter in dimensional space. Discover an array of texture-building ink techniques, and find out how to use this bold, impactful medium to express light and shadow. Infuse your work with color and character with Paul’'s pro tips for painting smooth watercolor washes, and then combine what you’'ve learned with valuable lessons on creating eye-catching compositions. Whether you want to depict people, architecture or nature, you'’ll gain the confidence and creative skills to fill up your sketchbook with artful, evocative work!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h44m

Included in this Class

1. Choosing & Using Sketchbooks

1. Choosing & Using Sketchbooks

Meet your instructor, sketch artist Paul Heaston, as you discover the joy that sketching can offer and how it can improve your skills by leaps and bounds. You'll begin with an overview of Paul's favorite sketchbook and media choices before loosening up your drawing hand with some contour drawings.

2. Sketching With Pencil

2. Sketching With Pencil

Indulge in one of sketching's most joyfully simple forms: carrying a pencil and sketchbook into the field to explore your surroundings. Paul explains graphite grading scales and shows you how to use this forgiving medium to refine your skills in perspective, distance and more. You'll learn how to create emphasis and dimension using a variety of line weights and textural details, gaining confidence as you practice.

3. Pen & Ink, Light & Shadow

3. Pen & Ink, Light & Shadow

Gain the courage to leave your eraser behind and dive into ink sketches. Paul shares professional tips for developing realistic light, shadow, contour and value using a variety of pen types and sizes. Beginning and expert artists alike will learn valuable hatching techniques as Paul demonstrates remarkable quick and effective shading methods.

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  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser, craft knife