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with Alisha Dall'Osto
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Simple Techniques for Better Portraits

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Capture likenesses with confidence as you learn portrait drawing basics alongside artist and educator Alisha Dall'Osto. Set yourself up for success as Alisha guides you through taking dynamic reference photos and selecting the best one. Next, build your understanding of the structure of the head, and learn to place facial features correctly with general rules for proportion. With proportion covered, you'll create loose gesture drawings that capture the pose and energy of your subject. Mark in facial features and refine their positioning with measurements. Then, fine-tune your work and build up shadows and highlights to bring your image to life. Plus, pick up tips for finishing your drawing and knowing when it's complete.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h27m

Included in this Class

1. Framing & Composition

1. Framing & Composition

Meet artist Alisha Dall'Osto as she previews the techniques you'll learn to easily capture the likeness of your subjects. Learn how to take dynamic reference photos that include a wide range of values and compelling facial expressions. Plus, practice sketching quick thumbnails to determine the best composition.

2. Mass, Proportion & Features

2. Mass, Proportion & Features

Understanding the shape and structure of the head is essential to achieving a lifelike portrait. Discover general rules of proportion for placing the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. In addition, Alisha shows you how to start rendering these features using simple geometric shapes.

3. The Gesture

3. The Gesture

Apply the rules of proportion from Lesson 2 to create loose, flowing gesture drawings. With Alisha's guidance, gain confidence quickly sketching big, broad shapes that capture the pose and energy of your subject. Then, practice marking in facial features and basic shadow shapes.

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  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser